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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tamil Actress Priyamani gets National Award

Priyamani, pretty actress from Tamil film industry gets the National Award for her amazing performance as a country side girl in the movie Paruthi Veeran. A popular romance sequence from the movie is show cased below.

The movie was directed by Ameer, a noted director from the new generation in the Tamil industry. Ram was his previous hit. His selection of Priyamani for the Muthalagu character has paid off well with the massive hit and national award now. Paired with Priyamani, the new face who did debut into Tamil movie was Karthik, the second son of Actor Sivakumar and brother of Surya. His performance in the film was also appreciated well from the industry and audience that Super Star Rajini made a special mention about it in the speech delivered during the last state award distribution ceremony.

Added information on Priyamani is that she was introduced by Bharathiraja, the veteran Director of early ages known for bringing performing new faces to Tamil industry. Brilliant actress of yesteryears like Sridevi and Radhika were introduced by him and their success in career is well known to all. Falling in line is Priyamani, having achieved this National award, she will find more opportunities to entertain the Tamil audience.

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Indiralogathil Na. Alagappan

இந்திரலோகத்தில் நா.அழகப்பன்
The movie starts with a grand introduction of Vadivelu in the character Alagappan. The opening of the movie is comparable to many commercial flicks given by mega stars like Rajini and Vijay. Showing the photographs of father, grand father and great grand father of Alagappan with their date of birth and date of absconding is a good giggler.

Within minutes of starting the play, Alagappan visits Indiralogam, the heaven with the help of Ramba, the aesthetical dancer in the palace of இந்திரன். The story built in favour of Alagappan to get access through Ramba is not so logical but interesting.
Alagappan starts visiting Indiralogam daily and spends the night over there and comes back to real world during day times according to the wishes of Ramba. During his visits to Indiralogam, Alagappan gets the opportunity to watch dance sequences of Ramba, Oorvasi and Menaga together. Also he gets opportunity to listen some of the conversations of Indiran and Naradhar. Later he wishes to see the state of hell where he is trying to teach a lesson to Yeman and gets into trouble. How Alagappan manages to get rid of the heavenly glitches surrounded around him makes the rest of the story. In addition to the role of Alagappan, Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu plays both the roles of Indiran and Yeman. There are lot of comedy sequences here and there in the movie that entertains the audience. Especially the Indiran Vadivelu's quest to find the meaning of mutham (kiss) and Yeman's reaction to a question from his descendant asking "You are a good man or a Bad man" are excellent.
The story takes a turn when Alagappan gets caught by Indiran and Yeman at heaven. As a result of Indiran's curse Alagappan becomes a 90 year old weak man and Ramba loses her physical appearance and remains invisible as a spirit. In the climax stroke the director Thambi Ramaiyah has attempted a novel way to release the knots and given a pleasant end to the movie.
Altogether it makes worthwhile to watch the movie atleast once with kids and family. It is not so bad like what it is being criticised in the movie reviews done by many television channels. Any way lets wait and watch to see this movie becoming a milestone performance of our favourite comedian turned hero Kaipillai - Pulikesi - now Indiralogathil Na. Alagappan.

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