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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chennai International Airport - Information for Visitors

Visitors willing to wave-off their hands to their friends and relatives leaving abroad from Chennai International Airport are allowed to enter into the Airport visitors lounge in the departure area. The entry is restricted when there is any security alert triggered by the Government.

The visitors are required to buy tickets from the respective counter situated near the departure entry. The tickets are issued by the Airports Authority of India. Presently the ticket is sold for Rs.60/- to admit one person in to the lounge which is valid for two hours from the time of issue of the ticket. The ticket has to be retained by the visitor and required to be produced on demand by any Airport official.

This ticket entitles the holder to enter for legitimate purposes only for one occasion within terminal building, visitor concourse area except check-in, Arrival, Immigration, Tourist, Customs, Security - hold and operational areas. The ticket is not transferable, hence the holder who has bought the ticket has to use it for their own entry purposes only. The tickets once bought can not be returned back to the counter as it is not refundable. Children of age above three years would not be allowed entry without tickets.

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